"What a nice surprise this book was. ... A thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing read. Hoping for a Ruby Two." ~ Tom M.

   Ruby Blue was born and raised in Northern California. After six years in the Air Force he was honorably discharged and started his own business repairing formica countertops and fiberglass bathtubs and showers in apartment complexes though-out central California (San Francisco - Sacramento). After twelve years, he quit the business due to health reactions to the toxic chemicals involved. Computers were a hobby (Commodore 64, then Amiga, then PC, then Mac) and he was spending so much time at the local computer store that the owner said, “Why don’t you manage this place and I’ll go do something else.” The contacts made in computers eventually led to running a scanner refurbishment project for Hewlett-Packard. Once scanners became cheap enough that it was more convenient to recycle the materials than to refurbish, the project ended. This happened just in time to jump into the internet craze, developing websites and multi-media content.
   Ruby Blue loves the ocean. He never saw himself moving away from California until a very dear friend said, “I’m either moving to Texas or Hawaii, will you go with me?” The answer was, “If you move to Texas, Adios, but if you move to Hawaii - Let’s Go!”
   The original plan was 10 years and then back to California to be close to aging parents, but he lucked out and got almost 15 great years of life in paradise.
   His internet experience led to a WONDERFUL job as the internet marketing manager at one of the premiere resorts in Hawaii – Mauna Lani Resort.
   One day his father sent him some “Magic Glasses”, and you know the rest of the story.
   He still visits the islands regularly and may move back there one day (God willing), though who knows what other adventures life may hold for this “sailor without a rudder”.